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Published on December 10th, 2012 | by Sid


Old is Gold

A few days back, I was reading about the phones of old and thought about sharing a little information regarding them with you guys. In this article, I will be discussing about two of Nokia’s most famous handsets ever: Nokia 3310 and Nokia 1100.

Nokia 3310:

Nokia 3310, also known by some as the Hammer of the Gods, is a Nokia phone created in 2000 to replace the popular Nokia 3210. Sporting an 84×84-pixel monochrome screen (considered large at the time), the phone had a standby battery life of around a week. At its launch, it had many features that were considered rare at the time. Some of these features were calculator, T9 predictive text, vibration alerts, Nokia network monitor, stop watch, threaded SMS writing, SMS Chat, voice dialing and a reminder function. Furthermore it allowed SMS messages up to three times the size of a standard message (459 characters). The device came with just 4 games Snake II, Pairs II, Space Impact and Bantumi. Another attractive feature of this device was the fact that it came with interchangeable front and back covers.

But what made this phone really famous is its bulletproof build. This phone has been tested in every way imaginable (yes it was even put into a blender) but has managed to emerge unscathed most of the time. It was even smashed with a sledgehammer and still managed to work once reassembled. There have been millions of jokes about using the phone as a hammer and even a bomb and well, you never really know until you have tried it out.

Nokia 1100:

The Nokia 1100 is the most recognizable phone on the planet. Don’t believe me? Well just ask the 250 million people who have bought this phone and the countless others who would have used it. That’s right, 250 million. In comparison, one of Apple’s most selling smartphone, the iPhone 4S has sold only 37 million handsets. Not even close!

You may wonder how such a phone could sell 250 million handsets all over the world. Well the answer is no secret. It’s all in the market. When Nokia made this handset, its main target were people in the developing countries and this turned out to be a very good decision by the company.

The Nokia 1100 even had features that the iPhone 4 lacked! Don’t believe me? Well here is a list of features that the Nokia 1100 had but the iPhone 4 lacks (this is excluding features via applications and just focusing on those features that come with the phone):

  • It was lightweight (Just 93 grams as compared to the iPhone 4 which weighs 137 grams).
  • It had a torch (Just press one button and voila! You have a bright beam of light which you could use for a variety of reasons).
  • It had a flickering screen (A brilliant piece of invention, the screen would flicker whenever there was an incoming call).
  • It has a longer stand-by time (Much more than the iPhone 4, as much as 100 hours more).
  • It was virus proof (The iPhone 4 doesn’t have a lot of viruses as of now, but it is possible for a virus to attack the phone.).
  • It could be repaired almost anywhere (You didn’t need to go to a authorized dealer to get your phone fixed, it could be repaired at any small mobile shop to).
  • It had Snake II (Snake is a game that was available on all older Nokia phones and the most popular of them all was Snake II. Snake II still remains the best recognized mobile game on the planet).

Well jokes apart, the Nokia 1100 is still the most sold handset on the planet. And, at least for now, it seems like it will keep that crown till the apocalypse. If you have any comments about the article or would just like to express your views, our comments section is always open. Until next time folks!

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2 Responses to Old is Gold

  1. Zack D says:

    Great stuff.. Nostalgic

  2. Simon says:

    I still use 1100. Why? I’ve not managed to break it so far. I’ve had it for 10 years. It has been dropped in a lake or a puddle or a river on multiple occasions. It has fallen from the 3rd story balcony and from the roof top of a 1 story building. Run over by a car, truck, and forklift. It’s been left outside in the rain by accident. Dropped in snow. And yet. It’s still ok. Only thing I had to change was the changable colored covering a few times. But I have those like… 20 left anyway. (leaving the pink for last ;) )

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