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Published on June 26th, 2013 | by Sid


Ouya is here!

Finally! After months and months of waiting, Ouya has arrived. Ouya was released to the public yesterday (June 25th 2013) with price tag of just $99. While this gaming console isn’t going to usurp the PlayStation 4’s position at the top of the ladder (or even come anywhere near it) it will definitely be a good buy for more casual gamers. For gamers who don’t need the best of graphics and games, Ouya will be the perfect console.

Ouya started its Kickstarter campaign on July 10th 2012 and soon became the quickest project to reach 1 million dollars. The project was so well received that for the first 24hours, it received a new backer every 5.59 seconds! When their campaign ended on August 9th 2012 they were the second most successful Kickstarter campaign ever with $8,596,475, 904% more than their goal. The company also recently showcased their product at E3 in a different fashion; they displayed their product in the parking lot rather than on the floor (though they weren’t the first to do so).

For those of you who don’t know about Ouya, Ouya is a gaming console that was founded by Julie Uhrman, a game industry veteran. It runs a modified version of Android’s Jelly Bean OS(version 4.1) and is open to rooting without voiding the warranty. The 7.55mm cube can be connected to your TV via an HDMI connection. The console can also be easily opened with just a screwdriver. But the best part of Ouya is that all games need to have some sort of free-to-play aspect. What this means is that every game will have something that will be free for players to use such as a free trial of the game before you decide to go ahead and purchase it. You might not find top titles like “GTA V” or “Call of Duty” on Ouya’s store as most of the games on the store are developed by indie developers especially those who have shown interest or have supported Ouya.

The hardware specs of the console are pretty good. Sporting an Nvidia Tegra 3 chip the device comes with a 1.7GHz quad-core processor, 8GB internal memory and 1GiB of DDR3 RAM. The wireless controllers have a pretty good design, resembling the Xbox’s controller. It runs on two AA batteries will can be easily inserted into the controller. Games can be downloaded from an exclusive Ouya store designed specifically for Ouya. Ouya will also include the TwitchTV application and access to the OnLive video game streaming service out of the box.


With a pricing of just $99, Ouya promises to be a good buy and immensely popular. The fact that it was sold out on Amazon seems to support this, even though the overall response hasn’t been great. A few people feel that the controllers are not as good as they expected. But the main issue has been that most people haven’t got their device as yet. A lot of people who had backed the project on Kickstarter are yet to receive their consoles (though they were promised to get them before the general public) and most of them have been very vocal about their disappointment. While Julie Uhrman has said that the issue is with the shipping companies and that she is also pissed with this, we just hope that these issues don’t hamper the popularity of Ouya. If you have any comments about the article or would just like to express your views, our comments section is always open. Will Ouya become the next big thing in the gaming industry? We will just have to wait and see. Until next time folks!

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