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Published on December 17th, 2012 | by Kirit Thadaka


Review of the Note 2

 They said ‘The next big thing is here’ and they were right, the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 is in fact ‘big’. This behemoth of a phone with its whopping 5.5 inch screen has explodedinto the market as the latest ‘Phablet’With its curvier body, faster processor and the Android Jelly Bean update the Galaxy Note 2 is a sexier and smarter version of its predecessor.

Its curvier body makes it easier to hold than the Galaxy Note compound that with its bright, crisp HD AMOLED display and this will make all you movie watchers very pleased. The Note 2 dons a brilliant 8mp back camera with flash that will leave any photography enthusiast impressed. It also has a 2mp front camera which is perfect for video chatting etc.

The redesigned stylus, the ‘S-Pen’, is stowed away on the bottom right of the phone and pulling it out triggers an application on which you can write memos etc. The app occasionally has trouble deciphering handwriting but that may be totally dependent on the user’s penmanship.

The Note 2’s powerful quad-core processor and 2gb RAM pack a punch. Its effortless responsiveness helps blaze through different applications with no trouble whatsoever.

You’ll be pleased to know that the Note 2 has a good battery life that should last for a day and a half or two, so you won’t have to keep rushing to your charger too often.

The ugly side of the phone is its flimsy back panel and more obviously its huge size. This phone would be a nightmare for people with small hands or small faces.

Apart from the fact that walking around talking on a phone that is a big as your face looks quite comical the Galaxy Note 2 seems like the real deal. It is definitely worth giving the phone a try for the unique experience of using a ‘Phablet’.

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