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Published on May 7th, 2013 | by Shashwat Pradhan


Wearable Tech

Wearable tech in 2012 was more of a fashion statement, but with Google Glasses and the Pebble watch coming out this year I expect to see it going mainstream as a real value gadget. Maybe the calculator watch was one of the orignal pieces of wearable technology, last year we saw the Nike+ sensor and the Nike FuelBand get popular as a health & fitness application of wearable technology. It monitors and displays activity levels.

Last year wearable tech was just cool show-off gadgets with no essential utility. With Google glasses reaching to its first group of testers, it is set to go on sale next year. So what is the Google Glass? Nope, no augmented reality so far. It currently only extends your android phone screen and can perform some basic functions. It has a microphone by which you can perform some tasks through the voice assistant like sending an SMS and a speaker allowing you to accept phone calls. So it can be thought of as a cool extention to your smartphone. So far we have seen good reviews of people using the glasses as members of the explorer program. Privacy is the only concern limiting these glasses. We do expect a lot more on the Google Glass project next week in the Google IO conference.

The pebble watch is a watch integrated with notification highlights from iOS or android devices. It raised 10 million dollars through kickstarter and provides API’s for developers to extend smartphone features to the watch’s epaper display. Since we don’t cover rumours so we won’t be covering the iWatch here. The Wearable technology can be seen in 2 ways: One as the future of fashion or two as the next level of technology integrating into our lives. Do let us know what is your take on wearable tech.

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